Repairs and Maintenance

Your Responsibilities

Our Responsibilities

Decoration Scheme

Responsibility for repair work is divided between Colne and you. We maintain our homes as best we can and we rely on you to report repairs.


Reporting a repair

To report a repair, please click here

or call Customer Services on 01206 244700

5 top tips for customers to get repairs fixed as quickly as possible

1. Our contractors handle customer calls directly, you do not need to contact Colne initially.
2. Report it by phone to the correct contractor:
 - Home repairs- Fosters 01945 473965.
 - Gas heating/boiler issues- Aaron Services 01473 835146.
3. Report it online: Non-emergency repairs can also be reported here
4. Need to rearrange your appointment? - The quickest way is to call the contractor directly on the above numbers.
5. Not satisfied with the service? Contact Colne via our contact page 

If you have an emergency repair outside office hours call 01206 244700.


Your Responsibilities

We are not responsible for all repairs to your home. You are expected to keep your home in a good condition and to carry out minor repairs.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Decorating the inside of your home

  • Filling small cracks in plaster and woodwork

  • Maintaining and repairing your own fittings and appliances

  • Arranging for the installation of your own washing machine, dishwasher and gas or electric cooker

  • Putting up curtain and shower rails, adapting doors to accommodate carpets and fitting draught excluders

  • Repairing or replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, fuses and doorbells

  • Renewing batteries in both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Clearing blockages inside your home

  • Replacing sink and bath plugs

  • Repairing or replacing bathroom cabinets, towel rails, soap holders, toilet roll holders and mirrors

  • Cleaning out showerheads

  • Replacing locks as a result of a lost key, replacing lost keys and fitting extra locks or catches

  • Keeping airbricks and extractors clean and clear

  • Re-lighting boilers and setting heating controls.

  • Bleeding radiators

  • Lubricating locks, hinges and fittings

  • Clearing pest infestations, such as wasp or bee nests, ants, mice, birds, rats etc, unless in communal areas

  • Replacing or repairing your rotary dryers

  • Providing and replacing dustbins, except in communal bin store areas

  • Repairing or replacing sheds

You are also responsible for repairing or replacing any items that are damaged by you, your friends, relatives, or someone else living with you or visiting you. You will have to pay us back the full cost of the repair work or make arrangements to have the repair carried out at your cost by a suitably qualified person.

Our responsibilities to you - Repairs

Our Responsibilities

We have a responsibility to maintain and repair:

  • The structure and outside of your home

  • The communal areas

  • The fixtures and fittings

These include:

  • Gutters and exterior pipes

  • Roof works

  • Outside walls and doors, windowsills, window catches, sash cords and window frames (including painting and decorating outside)

  • Inside walls, floors and ceilings, doors and door frames, door hinges and skirting boards (but not including painting and decoration)

  • Basins, sinks, baths, showers, toilets, water supply and waste pipes (blockages excluded)

  • Electric wiring such as sockets and switches

  • Water heaters, fireplaces, fitted fires and central heating installations

  • Pathways and steps

  • Garages and bin stores (sheds excluded)

  • Boundary walls and fences


Gas Boiler Servicing

We will service your gas boiler every year. It is a legal requirement and vitally important that you allow our gas engineers to do this work by giving them access to your home. If you do not you are putting you and your family’s lives in danger.

Faulty gas boilers can kill.

We take this matter so seriously that if you do not give our gas engineers access to service your boiler, we will ask a County Court Judge to give us permission to enter your home. We will make sure that your property is secure after our contractors leave, but you will be responsible for paying us back our court costs and the cost of any repairs to your front door.

Our responsibilities to you - Repairs

Decorating Scheme

If you are 65 or over, or have a disability that prevents you from doing decorating work, you may qualify for our decoration scheme. If you live in one of our Sheltered Housing schemes, we will contact you about decorating your home.

If you do not live in a Sheltered Housing scheme, you can either contact our Customer Services Team or Property Services Team, or speak to your Neighbourhood Officer.